Want to put up your own website?


I've helped many individuals and small businesses do exactly that as part of my hosting service.

Sure you can get reliable, affordable web hosting solutions that are equivalent to the one I'm about to offer you, from just about anywhere on the 'net.

We all offer huge amounts of disk space and bandwidth that you'll probably never use (that's why every hosting company on the net offers them!).

All of us are hosted on high speed servers in dedicated data centers that are interconnected via high bandwidth optical fiber links. Most of us are very reliable and have been in the business for years.

All of us offer mySQl databases, cgi scripting, php support, support for Front Page, control panels and numerous other features including bulletin boards, shopping carts, etc.

In fact, I'm so sure that you won't be able to differentiate between us based on technical features, I urge you to do your own research and confirm for yourself.

Just don't sign up for anything else until you read the rest of my offer!

Look, now that you've seen that we are all pretty similar, you know the only differentiator left is SERVICE. Sure you could host with one of the big guys like GoDaddy or Host4profit or a bunch of others. Good luck getting the OWNER of a big hosting company on the phone when you have a problem or a special need! I, on the other hand, will be there for you.

Host your site with me and you get an affordable web hosting solution as well as my help to get your site on net as quickly as possible. I will give you my personal email address, my Skype and Yahoo messenger coordinates and my cell phone number. My clients can get hold of me when they need to and I respond to questions as quickly as I can. While I need your contact details, I will never contact you unless absolutely necessary and I will never divulge your information to anyone or any company.

Here's what one of my happy customers has to say :

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your web hosting services. I have been using E-host4all to host my web sites for a couple of years now. I spent several days comparing prices and features of hundreds of web hosting companies. I wanted a host that guaranteed at least 99% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited diskspace, and a great 24 hour a day support team. E-host4all.com has these basic features and plenty more and at a ridiculously low price. While the price and features are important, they do not compare to the personal service that you provide. Remember the time I needed a place to host a couple of web pages for a few friends of mine? You not only offered up the space, but you did not charge them one single penny. You always deliver more than you promise. This personal touch puts you way ahead of any other web hosting company.
Thanks very much for your outstanding service and support.

Fred Connolly
Middletown, Va


Here's another customer's opinion:

Hi Jim,

"I'm extremely happy with the service and support from E-Host4ALL.com. You answer questions promptly and the tech support is far better than what I see from other hosts. The fact that I've had my sites here for almost a year without any crashs or down time is very impressive."

Leanne Busby

And another:

Thank You Jim.

I have used other hosts without much success. When I purchased your package, it included much, much more than my last host and for less money. But what really impressed me was when I needed assistance you have been there. That is one reason I left my other hosts, lack of support. The audio guides that you gave me helped in curing my lack of knowledge.
I am still not proficient enough to accomplish all I want to, but I am sure that you will be there to answer my questions and guide me when needed. I am sure your future customers will find your service as valuable as I have.

Scott Caile


I could keep presenting customer testimonials, but I think you probably get the picture......

Here's a page (it'll open in a new window) that describes the features and pricing of my "All you can eat" Hosting offer. Have a look and then come back here to see the rest of the goodies I have in store for you! I'll wait right here.....



Oh , you're back... Great! I thought you might have gone Scuba Diving or something! Let's sum things up :

  1. You want to establish a presence on the net.
  2. You don't want to pay too much to get that done.
  3. You are not an experienced web site developer and would like some help in getting your site established
  4. You don't want 3. to cost you a ton of money or to have the phone answered with "I can help you with that, I'll just need a credit card number first for the service fee..."
  5. You'd like some guidance on where to purchase your domain name and how the whole thing works...
  6. You need some advice on how to get traffic to your site and what to do with it when it gets there....
  7. Finally, you want all this done yesterday as you have a GREAT idea and you are missing opportunities with every hour you don't have a site up and running.

When you lay it all out like that, it seems like a pretty tall order doesn't it? Up until now your options have been to dump hundreds or thousands of dollars into web site design and search engine optimization to get on net in a hurry OR to spend a ton of time learning all this stuff from scratch and getting on net in an eternity.

There is now a third option for you that I offer as part of my hosting SERVICE. Host your site with me, at the price per month that you just saw and I will give you as much guidance and coaching as you need to get your site(s) up and running quickly, short of doing all the work for you. You can email me, call me, skype me or yahoo messenger me and I will respond as quickly as possible (I give you these contact details in your welcome email).

You might be asking yourself how I can commit to this level of personal service? Good question! It's been my experience that while the learning curve on getting a web site established is pretty steep, once a customer has done it once, the need for support tails off dramatically. I've restricted myself to taking on, at most, 5 new customers at any one time. This allows me to build my business slowly, ensuring that you, my new customer, are very happy with the service you receive and that you start receiving value from your website almost immediately. It also allows me to be very responsive on those infrequent occasions my existing customers have questions or concerns. Email me at jim@e-host4all.com if you need further reassurance or information.

Go back to the hosting offer page to sign up... Note that I won't send you a Paypal subscription link until after your site is established and you know how to use the control panel and upload your pages.

This means you don't have to commit any fundage until you are comfortable with my services. (I'm trying to make this an easy decision for you....... how'm I doing? )

As a thank you for hosting your site with me, I will be giving you a great eBook on Search Engine Optimization, two additional eBooks on building an Internet business in 30 days and a free course on building an income using Niche Websites. The links to these gifts will be on the Thank You page you get sent to once you sign up, so you can download these items immediately.

Seriously, you should act now..... I have 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 spots available for new customers at the moment. Visit the hosting offer page to sign up risk free!

best regards,

Jim Slinowsky